Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Jekyll Creek, GA

It's unfortunate that such a pretty area is bedevilled by such shoal water. Brunswick, where I'm currently staying for a few days, is between Little Mud River, the subject of my last post, and Jekyll Creek, the subject of this one. So - what's with Jekyll Creek? Well, for starters, it shoals to 3.5 feet at MLW, the same as LMR to the north. Thus, you want to go through this area - and it isn't very long, perhaps a half mile at most - on a rising tide. Also, watch your depthsounder closely, because the magenta line does not mark the deepest water. You may find yourself doing some hunting if you're not close enough to high tide. You can always call one of the area marinas or towing companies for local information on where the deep water can be found. Just remember this: those birds you see standing off to the side? They don't have really really long legs... The GOOD news is, locals are concerned and are speaking to their local politicians about doing something on their own, since funding hasn't been forthcoming federally to deepen these two problem areas. The concern locals have is that a lot of business is bypassing this area, going outside to avoid the tricky areas. I can understand that, because as much as I love this area, I suggest to cruisers that if they have concerns about depth, this is an area to avoid. I'll make a point to advise you when dredging of these two spots is scheduled.

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