Sailing's Greatest You Tube Videos...

  This page is dedicated to the best of the best YouTube, Vimeo and other sailing videos. I've started off with two of my personal favourites. If you have suggestions, send them to me and I'll post them, with credit to you for the 'discovery'. Let's set sail for some fun.
You Need a Big Pair of Balls to Do This!
Long one of my favourites, you'll be amazed at this sailor's ingenuity.
Ode to the Credit Card Captains
Rick, who filmed this video, once kept his boat at the marina next to mine in Georgian Bay. You'll laugh yourself sick.
If you hate PWCs...
...this is a must watch. Stick it out till the end, it's worth it.
How not to end a great day sailing...
This one is destined to become a classic, there are tears in my eyes, I laughed so hard!
A Whale of a Time...
How do you dispose of a 45 ton dead whale on a beach? This video clearly shows one way not to do it! Just make sure you stand way waaaayyyyyy back!
How NOT to deal with a crab....
It's hard not to wonder just how stupid you have to be to do what you're about to see here....this man is clearly a candidate for a future Darwin award.

Helpful video on how to sidetow a boat, lots of useful tips.

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