Saturday, October 29, 2011

Titusville Opens Mooring Field

Titusville has now opened a mooring field. The field has 50 moorings, with 25 each on the north and south sides of the channel into the Titusville Marina. The field, according to local sailors, is clearly marked with yellow buoys. The $15 daily fee includes restrooms and showers, laundry, pumpout, dingy dockage and vehicle parking. 

Titusville Marina advises us that anchoring will be allowed to the north and south of the boundaries marking the mooring field. Depths are from 5 - 6 feet according to the marina, with some deeper sections. Dinghy dockage when anchoring is $5 daily.
First Timers' Guide has requested a map showing the mooring field which we will post as soon as we receive it.

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