Sunday, October 2, 2011

Unexpected exposure!

I received some good news this week, I've been accepted as a regular contributor to Write on the Water, starting October 9. This is a rather unique blog comprised of authors who sail. Or perhaps they are sailors who write - there's some confusion amongst several of them as to which they are. Regardless of which description fits, this is one of the most popular online blogs for sailors, because sailors are readers as a rule,  and quite literate. Just look at the number of sailing blogs, websites, magazines and books out there concerned with this sport. And every other sailor I know has tried or is thinking of trying their hand at, submitting a story to one of the sailing magazines for publication. So - which am I you ask - a sailor who writes, or a writer who sails? As I think about it, I realize I'm not really sure. Perhaps I'll side with Christine Kling, who also posts on Write on the Water, and see how I feel from day to day - let the answer slide back and forth on the continuum between 100% writer and 100% sailor. Make sure you check out Write on the Water - click here on October 9 and see my first contribution, and of course, those of the other writers, which are quite, quite good.

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